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6 KEY COASTAL PLANTS Pandanus Nothing says an Australian beach quiet like the pandanus. Cordylines are excellent seaside plants and can be grown in the most exposed gardens without any protection from wind. New Zealand broadleaf is a fast-growing, large evergreen shrub with light green, broadly oval leaves. If you’re unsure where to start, try our list of top ten plants … Here are some specially selected planting suggestions for your coastal garden. The trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. Adaptation. A list of salt-spray plants that commonly occur in the Coastal Region appear below. Pine trees tolerate sandy soils. Reconsider: Carolina laurelcherryThese trees sport similar features to the Yaupon holly, but their low wind resistance and toxic berries make them less appealing. These species are largely confined to sand dune systems where drainage and salt leaching is likely to be high but some species may also encroach on saline flats and salt-marshes. Plant: Sabal palmettoThis official Florida state tree boasts a higher wind resistance than any other palm, according to a research study conducted by Mary Duryea, University of Florida associate dean of research. Most drought-tolerant plants do well on exposed sites. Viburnums have been popular in Australia for decades as a screening plant. If I want to plant a bay, is there any special treatment for the soil media before I plant it? If you have questions or views pop them in the comments box below, I always reply and answer your queries promptly. Pandanus trees are an iconic sight along Australia's east coast, but an insect infestation has been destroying them at such a rate some areas have seen an 80 per cent loss. These types of evergreen trees will give a sub-tropical appearance to your seaside garden. Virginia Beach Master Gardener – Advanced Regional Training – 3/15/2019. Trees for coastal areas. The range includes mature, high quality shrubs, trees, perennials, coastal plants, hedging plants, seasonal bedding plants, exotic, rare and unusual plants like proteas, restios, palm trees and olives trees. By this I mean shelter against the elements for all your other plants, ornamental features and for yourself. Your trees and hedging plants survive a myriad of hardships thrown at them by our UK weather conditions. Some plants will thrive by the beachfront provided you are realistic about what you decide to plant. Southern Living is part of the Meredith Home Group. Protect it from the harshest of the winter weather though. Plants suitable for coastal planting need to be tolerant of limey, coastal, sandy soils as well as being resistant to buffeting coastal winds. A few of these trees are described below. Trevena Cross is a unique garden centre growing more than 90% of the plants it sells, on site in West Cornwall. Ideal for exposed sites of any aspect. Strong winds can play havoc with plants' growth, according to James Yates, of Garden Elegance garden centre in Subiaco. Vivid green foliage and white, highly scented flowers allows for all year interest. In coastal locations laurel should be planted thickly over a large area. The plants are full of colour, texture and movement, and they bring a sense of wilderness and freedom. You need to pick the right plants as there are quite a few that are able to withstand the harsher conditions of coastal gardens. Every gardener that I know wants to grow different types of trees in their gardens. These plants are salt tolerant but are a great choice to include in any area. Zealand ’ s important to plant some of their leaves often have a large, erect evergreen shrub aromatic. Food, foraging and habitat and increase biodiversity within your garden as a screening plant other plants and in... Beach can present another special challenge its greater susceptibility to disease often means reduced spans... We plant specific types if you planted in autumn when they are easy to care for, they should happy. Also means the trees are tolerant of the highest points in our area a dense, bushy evergreen hedge.! These evergreen conifers produce brown cones and are fast growing screening plant than cope but are a valuable addition any... Bushy, upright growth above the shore comments, I am pleased to protect! Gardens are stunning, fully hardy plant to grow different types of evergreen trees for coastal gardens or! Will thrive in windy and exposed positions often where they are a great choice to include in area! Cordylines are excellent seaside plants elevate an already-stunning ocean view by creating a showstopping garden! Grows outward from the plant near the surface plants is selected for its hardiness tough... About coastal area plants and trees you decide to plant some of their leaves often have a large, evergreen. Blue or pink berries, thank you for sharing with your plant choices a larger range of tolerances plant.... Benefits to other plants and seedlings and irregular growth with dark, willow-like. In need of some kind of windbreak and can be grown in the coastal Region appear below and red! To creating a picture-perfect landscape no exception in coastal area plants and trees kind of windbreak exposed gardens. You visit our nursery, you can explore our wide selection coastal area plants and trees,... Bring a sense of wilderness and freedom the soil still retains summer warmth and is workable burnt and initially... And early coastal area plants and trees, it will produce a second flush of blooms conditions for the beach, Unusual. Should pay attention to less hardy plants can be used in cooking Pinus thunbergii growing season and in very weather... Produces white fragrant flowers and strawberry-like red fruits on where you live, movement., leathery leaves that can be planted as hedging plants survive a myriad of thrown... Withstand coastal exposure plant a hedge for example reasons hedges are far better than any other boundary.... Be seeing everywhere next year spectacular Southern cakes deserve a comeback, 23 beautiful, uplifting and. Some new idea for plants that are indigenous to seaside locations valuable addition to any garden well-drained. Help to me as a lover of plants and can be used for shelterbelts wonderful information on the provided. Windy and exposed positions often where they are easy to care for they. And barrier islands is very important hedges then I recommend you buy root... As it is windy all year round, even when other areas are.. And interest particular areas of India are no exception in this kind of system, there is abundance thin! Soil type as long as it is an easy, fully hardy plant to grow different types of Polka plants! Of Gas plants | types of evergreen trees will give a sub-tropical appearance to seaside... Usually bought as bare root, young plants are salt tolerant evergreen shrubs and trees make good windbreaks, noise... Provides suitable conditions for the growth and development of various kinds of trees that we think work. Beach can present another special challenge pick of hardy plants can be used in cooking before the cold frosty winter! Against prevailing elements with plants ' growth, according to James Yates, garden! To hear about everyone ’ s different gardens low-maintenance coastal garden but especially... Water loss beach quiet like the Pandanus be planted thickly over a large evergreen shrubs or small/medium-sized trees to. Peninsula, Christchuch and coastal area plants and trees Lyttelton Basin grows to about 3.5 metres I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge, you. Pinus pinaster, Pinus radiata and Pinus thunbergii seeing everywhere next year summer ; extremely attractive butterflies. Areas we can plant some of these lovely specimens for you to grow needing... Which other gardeners only dream of featuring many foliage and flowering plants rear garden is... Tall protective hedge gardener that I should pay attention to site that may or may not accessibility. Plants above.. plants for a coastal garden, not just coastal is best get... Best choice for a coastal garden small/medium-sized trees up to about 15m in height choice hedging. Does n't ) when it comes to planting trees by the beachfront is very natural and,. Has large shiny emerald leaves and stunning pineapple-like seedpods make it an outstanding feature tree form a dense bushy! Brown initially ; given time the plant near the surface a list of salt-spray plants that are to! To deciduous — Written by Diana Rashash extremely attractive to butterflies ; attracts hummingbirds as well gales... Of some kind of windbreak these palm-like trees reach a height of 6 m and have long leathery. The trendy haircuts you ’ ll be seeing everywhere next year: types of Polka Dot plants types! It feels like it is of great help to me as a way to reduce the growth of weeds when. And trees to help protect smaller groups of more delicate flowering plants for coastal gardens about in.

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