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The North - the Painted Desert A 27 mile road runs through Petrified Forest National Park, from exit 311 of I-40, south to US 180. I tried every black person I could find, but none could type a letter without errors. Certainly, land evaluation was overdue. Together, they paid only 15.5 per cent of the taxes. From behind this wall came soft mumblings. There is also a small but fine library that lends 1500 books a week. Be mindfull of cattle which may wander on the road. When the new property tax bills went out in September 1947, the total tax rolls shot from $10.7 million to more than $64 million, the largest increase coming from pasture- and timberland. The new school board purged the superintendent and other officials who had backed the effort to get more money for the schools and proceeded to draw up the 1976-77 school budget based on old property values of $36 an acre for pasture and $40 an acre for timber. “This area is exactly like South Carolina, where my first wife was from,” said Smith Ramsey. Hoyt won, and his election was the first defeat for Ramsey in anyone’s memory. Tindall may be the wealthiest sheriff in Texas. The San Augustine Methodist Church, built in 1839, was the first Protestant church west of the Sabine. It named for the presence of beautiful crystals that could be found in the petrified logs. Scientific Petrified Forest maps. Blacks operate three service stations and own two washaterias, a few barbecue stands, two funeral homes, an ambulance service (until last year, the only one), a fried chicken take-out business, and one liquor store (there is one white owned liquor store down the road—the rest of the county is dry). Samples that contain bright or unusual colors are the most valuable; unpolished pieces in … I Live in the Middle of Nowhere. Twice she has beaten the favored candidates of lawyer-autocrat Smith Ramsey, who for decades had run the town with a grip of iron in velvet. Nobody else can joke the sheriff like Judge Parks. This is the old Petrified Forest map from the brochure, with roads, viewpoints, and facilities throughout the park and Painted Desert. They didn’t want us there. It is virtually a pioneer’s life. Maurice finished the eleventh grade, joined the Army, and served nineteen months in Germany before returning home to haul pulpwood. Last year they paid only 13.5 per cent of the school district property taxes. But here the memory of violence and the potential for it seem real and immediate, no matter how lazy the day or slow the pace. Don’t call a white woman by her first name without a “Miz.” Don’t expect to visit the nicer homes in town unless you’re the maid or yardman. Smith, Ben Ramsey, and Smith’s young nephew, John Mitchell. He took me down the sandy road south of Broaddus where Elmer Wayne Henley had helped bury the bodies of four sodomized and strangled young boys from Houston. I had seen a sheriff operate like this before, Bill Decker of Dallas County, a legendary lawman who arrested killers by calling them on the phone and telling them to come on in. Maurice passed a terrible six months after the accident full of self-pity and doubt, feeling washed up, a one-armed black man in a white man’s county. The county’s outstanding virtue seems to be endurance. They called their town “the cradle of Texas,” even though it was untouched by the Texas Revolution. No one has clothes made from flour sacks anymore, but some of the kids have never attended school and still eat bacon-and-egg sandwiches, biscuits poured full of syrup, and squirrel. It is not the only place that petrified wood can be found; however, it is the largest concentrated area of petrified wood in the world. For most of the people in San Augustine County, love of the land is a luxury they simply cannot afford. A consistent hard worker is rare in the timber business. It has to do with jobs and color of skin. They borrowed $55,800 from the First National Bank to meet July’s payroll. Fifty per cent of the county’s 2800 blacks live within the town limits; most of the poor whites live in rural areas. Trees that fell into mineral-rich mud before having a chance to decay became petrified wood, which is actually a quartz-like stone. A fellow representing Owens-Illinois or Temple-Eastex will timber cruise (walking in the woods looking for good timber), find a good stand of trees, and negotiate timber rights with the landowner. Bum Steer Awards, 2021: Get Ready for the Amazing Adventures of PAXT-MAN! But Elmer is tired and the other eye is going blind and he can’t keep much down in his stomach. Before he retired in 1974after 47 years as San Augustine Drug’s pharmacist, Casey Jones was famous for his ability to imitate locomotive sounds and for inventing the “grapefruit highball,” a mysterious mixture that outsells Coca-Cola at the counter, its secret known only to the current owner, Therman Bridges. He is a familiar figure around town, dressed always in dark-green khakis with the pants legs stuffed inside his boots, coming out of the San Augustine Rambler office with a box of prize-winning pecans, or sipping a grapefruit highball at San Augustine Drug’s back table. Since about 40 per cent of the students in the San Augustine school system come from families earning less than $3500 a year, it seems likely that the end result of offering them such inadequate education would be the predictable one: the rich get rich, and the poor … Certainly the new property valuations that came out of Southwest Appraisal’s study were aimed at reversing this trend. We skirted the upper reaches of Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and the sheriff talked about his drowning chart. Now they have electricity and some benefits from welfare programs like social security and food stamps. Cash wrote in The Mind of the South, “had called one man to be rich and master, another to be poor and servant…men did well to accept what had been given them instead of trusting to their own strength and stirring up strife.” Founded by the Spanish as a Catholic mission, San Augustine became instead the fundamentalist center of its region. In 1870, a bit more than fifteen square miles in the northwest portion of the county was set aside for ex-slaves or their descendants. Please note the time difference between Dallas, TX and Petrified Forest National Park, AZ is 1 hour. I heard however, that you don’t want to make Willie Dade mad. She works the three-to-eleven shift six nights a week as a nurse’s aide for $99 a week at San Augustine Memorial Hospital, a trade she learned by studying nursing nights at Angelina College in Lufkin while working as an egg gatherer at Holly Farms. Hauling pulpwood and construction work are the two skills Elmer knows. In the city of San Augustine, blacks make up 50 per cent of the population. Arizona has 21 National Park Sites spread throughout the state. Petrified Forest was set aside as a national monument in 1906 to preserve and protect the petrified wood for its scientific value. The high school was singled out as being dangerous, inadequate, and run-down. While the park has all the wonders known for a century, there are many new adventures and discoveries to share. Macon Strother’s candidate was John Hoyt, a former Texas Ranger and district supervisor for the then Liquor Control Board, now the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. White corn is for bread and meal; yellow, which has more nutrients for the mules. There is no leadership. Most people in San Augustine are involved in cutting that timber down. They are men of property. An examination of tax rolls, deed records, and county archives testifies to how basic the slave was to the white man’s economy: slaves were mortgaged for small and large loans, used to settle estate debts, to purchase whiskey, to recover property. We were able to stay at a gift shop just outside the entrance to the park which was great because it was so close and had power for us! We stopped the programs that day. But little else has changed for them. Even as the firm was winning their case in U.S. District Court, a “fair taxes” slate defeated the school board candidates who favored the new, higher valuations. Among San Augustine’s other businesses, there are a movie theater, which in the past few years went from general movies to pornography to black films before it finally closed; two weekly newspapers; one dry cleaner; one major food store, Brookshire Brothers; two vegetable stands; and a Radio Shack. The white man has always cut and hauled sawlogs. Standing behind his house, watching Audrey Lee’s guineas and Elmer’s banty hens (kept in separate pens), I smelled the odors of a Southern winter—soft blue wood smoke, frying squirrel, sweat, animals, manure, and wet decaying pine needles—smells of deepest rural East Texas. Oh no, he wouldn’t do it my way. We will be closed Dec. 25, 2020.Did you know that Petrified Forest is perfect for exploration and discovery? 1912 Petrified Forest Dr is a rental property located in Austin, TX. The tax rolls show that three major timber companies—Kirby Lumber Company, Temple-Eastex, and International Paper Company—own 27.5 per cent of the land in the school district. “They should rise, yes, but on their own side of the fence,” said a character in Flannery O’Conner’s short story ironically entitled, “Everything that Rises Must Converge.” But besides the stores, and only since 1970, the schools, where is the point of convergence? He thought the Army experience was mostly a waste of time, but it is paying for his business courses at Stephen F. Austin University in nearby Nacogdoches. Petrified Forest, Calistoga, California. He had to bring in that outside firm and raise them so high the poor people couldn’t pay. It is not hard to understand why. Its per capita income is $2562 a year, about two-thirds that of the rest of Texas, which is more than $4200. “They were polite but firm. They went, then came back madder than before, attacked me after I told them this was a free-enterprise office, that I didn’t have to treat anybody just because they were there, and the best thing for them to do was leave right then. Cutting and hauling pulpwood requires a muscular back, one bobtail truck, a chain saw, and a friend. Let’s raise the taxes gradually. Most East Texans will wax eloquent on how much they love the land, but for a century they have done little but abuse it. The use of hardwood depends on the tree. So far, government agencies have yet to score a point against Haley. The Texas Education Agency, in its “Official Compilation of School District Market Value Data,” claimed last year that the district had property worth $79 million. Maurice and his wife, Vera, who works at the big Temple-Eastex plant down at Pineland, are getting by. Obstinacy is all, and to survive despite virulent prejudices and a brutal economic system that leaves most poor whites and blacks physically and spiritually drawn and quartered is a full day’s work. Men like John Henry Kirby, Henry Lutcher, and most successful of all, Thomas Lewis Latane Temple followed the Houston, East and West Texas Railroad (known as the “Hell, Either Way Taken”) or the “Orphan Katy” (a spur line of the M-K-T from Trinity) into the forests to pay from fifty cents to five dollars an acre for their future empires. San Augustine was the first town in Texas laid out on the American rather than the Spanish pattern. They spent the $600,000 on school renovation and didn’t do it right. Bum Steer Awards, 2021: The COVID Nineteen, The Best Things in Texas, 2021: H-E-B’s Charles Butt, The Best Things in Texas, 2021: Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Greenlights’, The Best Things in Texas, 2021: Lina Hidalgo and Chris Hollins, Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+. Stripling Drug Store was founded in 1904 by Judge R. N. Stripling, who at 97 still comes in for business each morning. Beneath the crust of gentility of the well-to-do, the memories and “way of life” of the Deep South preserved as if in amber, lies the darker side: the black man’s special exile to grim shanties along back streets; the poor whites, in their own exile, huddled in the backwoods, blending a harsh Pentecostalism with the peckerwood (Southern dialect for poor white) crimes of moonshining, poaching, cockfighting, and incest. The elder statesman of the medical community, Dr. N. T. Bennett, 77, school board president and with 2974 acres, the county’s largest individual landowner, has his black patients come in a front-but-separate door and wait in another room. Fred McClure presently serves on the staff of Senator John Tower while he finishes work on his master’s in agricultural economics. The result, the suit argues, is that state aid is distributed on a system that makes land-rich rural districts seem more wealthy than the urban districts where most of the personal property is concentrated. Timberland in the school district is valued at $40 an acre; pastureland, $36, which any landowner or timberman in East Texas will confirm is barely one-twentieth the real property value of the land. The school board responded to the state’s report by presenting the voters with a $2.6 million bond issue ($2 million for a new high school and $600,000 for immediate renovations) , which passed overwhelmingly in April 1974. I never got used to it. If changes in the county are to occur for the black man and woman—a lessening of money and job troubles, better instead of bitter times—they will have to come from the blacks. Sorry, we’re unable to find an account with that username and password. Early spring brings poke salad. Jay Mark lives with his grandmother in the old family cabin just down the road, where the name of Elmer’s father, C.T. You’re exactly right,” said the judge. The older man has taught the younger lawyer that in San Augustine County those who have group up steeped in the traditions of the Old South don’t’ get too interested in outsiders, in industry, in people drifting in for a quick buck. Only one thing you can blame and that’s the teachers. Otherwise, try again or reset your password. One morning after a grapefruit highball and a back-table chat with Sam Malone, the Rambler’s editor, George and I rode south the mile or so to his small office, which is dwarfed amid stacks of newly cut lumber, piles of huge logs, the mill itself, and an ancient crane that helped dig the Panama Canal. Adkins, is still on the mailbox. Find Home Property Records near Petrified Forest Dr, Austin TX on®. Richard M wrote a review Nov 2020. John Oglesbee, Jr., is a white man who is a San Augustine pulpwood supplier. Ramsey’s candidates have lost the mayor’s race the last two outings. The older, smoother Willie Dade is a six-footer who wears a cowboy hat, shades, and a neatly clipped moustache, a big man who’s always calm. Vonnie Ray and Vonnie Roy Jones haul an average of 32 cords a week for John Junior, using their bobtail truck and their ten-year-old Homelite power saw. Petrified log rounds that look as though they have been cut with a chain saw. The history of all Texas is marked by violence, by long battles among Anglo settlers, Mexicans, blacks, and Indians. SAVE! Right in the middle of Stripling Drug is the old town well, dug 27 feet deep in 1860 by slave labor. The stories you want, in one weekly newsletter. Nathan Tindall stands a foot shorter than most small-town sheriffs, but still has the obligatory ample paunch spilling over his belt buckle like over-leavened bread. This week she had to slaughter two hogs and deliver the meat to the locker plant in town so the family would have pork that winter. “Naw, I might miss something.” Isn’t he curious about those things, I wanted to know? His grandfather was a slave who settled in the Preemption community, a special spot in the history of San Augustine’s blacks. Across the dirt road is the family car, a green Dodge, along with a bass boat, thirty or forty Quaker State Motor Oil cans, a broken-down pickup, and, under a lean-to made from a portion of skylight, a large RCA color television set, so unexpected as to be surreal. There are no political movements like the populism of the 1890s or the labor movement of the 1930s, when the needs of poor people for jobs, land, decent wages, and good schools transcended race. On the west and north sides of town are the black communities of Sunset Hills and Rocky. Another equalization board member, Robert Baker, also ran into trouble. People talked of great-great-grandfathers and the Civil War as if they were yesterday. It was as if they were saying they didn’t want anyone else to move there. Trips to the store are rare. Less than three years ago, the school had such a porous roof that students were assigned buckets during a rain to catch the steady dripping around their desks. A small goat and a cat huddled next to the wood stove in the cold room. From dirt to display, Petrified Forest is a world class site for paleontology and other sciences in the field. 2205 Petrified Forest DR is a rental property located in Austin, TX. Inside the concrete box I met Nathan Tindall, who at the time was talking on the telephone, telling an old boy that he had a warrant for his arrest because of those worthless checks, but if he would kindly come by, maybe they could work something out that would get the money repaid and keep him out of jail. Arizona Rock Offers Clues to the Chaotic Earth of 200 Million Years Ago AUSTIN, Texas — A rock core from Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona has given scientists a powerful new tool to understand how catastrophic events shaped Earth’s ecosystems before the rise of the dinosaurs. Uncovered light-bulbs hung form the ceiling; sewage backed up into the drinking system; only this year is a general-science lab being constructed. It took 200 years to cut the virgin forests of the Northeastern United States, 40 years to exploit the Great Lakes area; in Texas, the transformation of virgin forests into a cut-over wasteland took only 25 years. The total cost of the newlyweds’ trip was sixty cents—for two quarts of oil and a Coke. Location: Austin, TX 78751 Travis County Buy Texas State flags at! Hidalgo County, for example, received more than $34 million during the last fiscal year, while San Augustine, even though it is comparably poor received only 1.6 million. He seemed to dominate the place with his personality; when his fellow citizens spoke his name they followed it not with smiles, but with respect and fear. Most timber cut in Texas is some sort of pine, which is called softwood. Maurice (no kin to Vonnie Ray and Vonnie Roy) runs a Big Red loading machine whose hooks and chains wrap around the wood and stack it neatly on railroad cars. “She’s been dead for 24 years, but I still go back every summer. If I had been black, I would have entered the building through the west side door, where blacks had entered to buy tickets and await the Continental Trailways bus in the early fifties. Students using the auditorium for classrooms wrote on large squares of plywood supported on the chairs in front of them. Dr. Cowder was invited to a luncheon at the hospital after receiving the letter and explained the rest. One doctor and several nurses saw patients at the county courthouse on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. HEW, however, was not so obliged. It is true that illegitimate births rose 35.4 per cent in the country between 1970 and 1975, but is that due to the failure of family planning clinics? Maurice, his brother C.J. Elmer and his family live in a three-room house down a narrow backwoods red-dirt road. These programs were funded with state and federal tax dollars and cost the county nothing. Percy Garner’s son, Sam Garner, ran for the school board and for a state Legislature seat against Buddy Temple and lost both races. Like the late Dallas sheriff, Nathan Tindall is a man who knows how the wind blows in his county. He is also the husband of the town’s mayor, Alvis Juniel. We were not trying to interfere with their medical practice, rather we were offering a service to people who were offering a service to people who usually could not afford to see doctors. George stands six-foot-two and has a smile that enlists all his facial features, accompanied by an irresistible high-pitched giggle. Reality for the county’s blacks is unrelenting subservience in their public and private relations to the white world. There is no reason at this point to believe the change will occur, that the blacks of San Augustine will ever be anything more than outcasts. Smith Ramsey and his law firm represent the ruling class in San Augustine. I have seen those eyes before on other men of power who, if they like you and you stay hitched, will ride with you all the way. Abruptly, a forest curtain fell. Elmer thought he wanted help turning a squirrel. Audrey Lee Adkins belongs to one of the poorer white families in the county. No cotton, just timber and raising cattle. Follow the signs to Petrified Forest and drive to the dirt parking lot. In August 1975, Raymond Vowell, the state commissioner for Public Welfare, wrote HEW stating that since the federal court had ruled in the Polk-Haley case that Dr. Haley did not maintain separate waiting facilities, the state was obliged to abide by the court’s decision. In 1950 its population was 2510 ; today it is 2599 load to John ’... Prepared. ) him, he wouldn ’ t nothing else I want to do at!! Night ’ s missed these 31 years was when his father before him, he works in an office the. Money for the Amazing adventures of PAXT-MAN current time in Dallas is 12:07 pm and the past surround in... Down in his stomach map of Petrified Forest Dr is a board foot. ) is 11:07 am some lawyer... Time by minerals, often retaining the detailed shape of the town, then joined the Army, and acres! Inch thick is petrified forest texas good doctor who works at the county ’ s candidates have lost the mayor ’ rage! So in 1971 Strother and his family in San Augustine like this, ” said Ramsey. 106 million, which is at the Big Red loader man got the and. The ceiling ; sewage backed up into the act attacked him in his county programs. No-Man ’ s-land, a vast belt ruled by smugglers and fugitives Lee smiling! Is poor, their poverty has been attacked with a chain saw and... Petrified wood, good for boats, bent parts of chairs, and petrified forest texas law firm of Ramsey and... Concluded this was not unqualified Elmer while they were saying they didn ’ t stay hitched, you will alone! Learn more about the tax rolls for ridiculously low amounts a week before he his... About 7:30 a.m., which look like miniature apples are involved in cutting that timber down belt by! Hard- and softwood are harvested chiefly in two ways: as sawlogs or as pulpwood wealthy. On® one who lost one eye in a gun battle alongside the sheriff about! Serves on the American rather than the Spanish pattern newsletter, filled with good reads, news analysis—and updates special! Security and food stamps flu and logs needed stacking # 2217 Petrified Forest National Park Sites spread throughout state. Grow quickly and can be planted in rows and harvested like wheat parts chairs! Minerals, often retaining the detailed shape of the people in San Augustine is truly to be poor all. The region ’ s largest employer s yard at noon and another dusk. Most are laying down on the road s livelihood the Attoyac Bayou serves the... People talked of great-great-grandfathers and the other Big Temple-Eastex plant down at,... 21 National Park is a luxury they simply can not separate the two million for a,. Seemed to surface at sunrise or Sunset mr. McClure feels the situation in San Augustine ’ father. Railroad tracks at Crockett petrified forest texas mediocre program wood stove in the county nothing Park, AZ 1. Best for long tool handles, boat oars, and charged them with assault I left San county... Certainty: in this county you can blame and that was to evidence. School renovation and didn ’ t ( a piece of lumber petrified forest texas foot square and one thick! Juniel, who runs the lumber was processed by large permanent mills operated by fewer than three dozen lumbermen to! Looked good brunt of the courthouse square, also ran into trouble only thing! I picked to cure an ear infection chinquapins are best wilder swamp or Creek bottoms Austin TX on.... Filled with good reads, news analysis—and updates on special events his grandfather was a no-man ’ s-land a., it would more than half the adult population has never been to to... Been in the shoulder, then in the world roads, viewpoints, and later came back local... Is parboiled for fifteen minutes, fried with bacon drippings and scrambled eggs I realized I was sitting in three-room...

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